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Cabin in the Woods

It's a lovely day for a walk in the woods. The silence the solidarity the crisp cool air on my face. The leaves crackle under my feet as I walk. Just sounds of nature surround me. Until I come across this little log cabin in the woods. I stop in my tracks, not wanting to be heard. Who knows who might live there. It's a creepy little cabin, and as I strain to look through the window I think I see chains hanging from the ceiling inside. I turn to walk in the opposite direction when I hear the door open. As I turn back I see the most stunning beast of a man standing in the doorway. You are only wearing jeans... They are unbuttoned and the zipper slightly low. Your bare chest, muscular and glistening in the ray of light shooting down through the trees. A stranger, in the woods, in a strange isolated cabin. Why am I not turning around running? Can I offer you a drink? You ask me. Yes please comes out of my mouth before I have a chance to think. You step aside, push the door open wide and motion for me to go inside. As I walk past you I glance down at your open jeans and feel an awakening in my own jeans. What is going on here I think to myself. Am I insane. 

As I enter the cabin I look around. It's dark. There are chains hanging there. They hang over a bed. Nicely made... This very sexy beast is a neat freak it appears. Very good:) attached to each bed post are leather straps and I see a flog hanging in the wall above the bed. 

Before I have a chance to turn around and face you, wondering what sort of drink you have to offer, I feel you right behind me. The bulge in your pants pressing against me. Welcome you whisper in my ear. Do you like my little cabin? 

It's very... interesting I respond. Realizing I am short of breath. And frozen in position. Interesting how? you ask, intriguing interesting or oh god get me out of here interesting? 

Intriguing.... I manage to get out. Still frozen. Very good. You whisper in my ear, touching your lips to my neck. I feel your hand on my leg, a spark rushed through me. What the hell is going on here. I in hale as I feel you slide your hand around to the front of my thigh. Sliding it up until I feel you in between my legs. Can I show you how my cabin works? You ask as you pull my wait back into you. 

I can't respond....

You are free to leave if you like you state flatly as you back away from me. 

Wait what? No. 

I turn around slowly, bow my head and whisper, I would like to stay please. Looking at the floor I feel you move closer again. Very good then. Your voice is a little softer this time. You raise my chin with your finger, stare me right in the eye and tell me you have been waiting for me. 

If you wish to stay, you will do what I say. Do you understand. The words seem harsh but your voice is loving and soft. It seems likes an oxymoron, but for some strange reason I trust this dark stranger and I respond with yes Sir. You smile and kiss my neck. Good girl, that was the correct response. As I feel your hand find the warmth between my legs again. I gasp and you pick me up, sliding your hand up my legs and under my ass, the other around my shoulders. You throw me roughly on the bed and sternly demand I remove my clothing. I do as I am told and slowly unbutton my shirt. Your eyes travel over every inch of me as I undress. I feel myself getting wet as I watch you watching me. Once naked I kneel on the bed, back straight, shoulders back and eyes locked on yours. My body is hot and I can feel a bead of sweat drip down my back. You unlock my eyes from yours and in the silence I look closer around the room.

The chains above the bed are on pulleys. There is a track attached to the ceiling. Oh I see... The chains  and pulleys can be moved around the room. Interesting I think to myself.... Interesting? Really? Why is that interesting. I shake the thought out of my head and redirect my senses to the throbbing I feel between my legs. 

Does my contraption interest you? You ask as if reading my thoughts. What is it used for? I ask, thinking I already know the answer. 

Would you like me to show you? I nod my head yes. Would you like me to show you? You ask again. Yes I say. With that you grab the back of my neck and pull my head down to the bed and hold it there. Still kneeling, my ass up in the air now and face planted in the bed sheets. Before I understand what is happening I feel a sharp stinging pain as I hear a loud slap across my ass. Tears well up in my eyes and I let out a cry. I feel pain... But something else also. The throbbing... It's heightened now. What the f? Did that just excite me?!

You let go of my head, pull my body back upright by my hair and whisper from behind me, when I ask you a question, you respond with either yes Sir or no Sir. Is that understood. It was. I get it. Yes Sir. Very good you whisper as you glide your lips down my neck to my shoulders. So... Would you like me to show you how my contraption works? Yes Sir. 

You pull the chains closer. Lay me on my stomach and attach a leather cuff to each wrist and ankle. You pull three ropes down plus one more chain that has a collar attached to the end. You attach the collar to my neck and wrap the ropes around my chest and torso. 

I should feel scared I think to myself. But I don't. Instead I feel calm, intrigued and extremely turned on. There is a slight feeling of anxiousness surrounding the intrigue of what will happen now that I am bound in this strange mans cabin in the woods. Not a sole around. No one to hear me scream. Something inside me is telling me I am safe. 

As you finish tying the ropes you tell me to relax. Just let yourself go. Leave your mind blank. I will not hurt you... much. Let me free you from your world.  All you need to think about are the instructions I give you. Nothing more. You are safe, you are mine. I will make you feel things you could not even have imagined and I will use you as I please, should you choose to and agree to me mine. 

You kneel beside the bed where my head lays as I am bound and still on my stomach. Is that something you would like beautiful slut? 

Yes Sir.

With that you stand and pull one last rope. As you pull I feel pressure around me and then realize, you are lifting me up in the air. As my body comes off the bed I feel the ropes tighten around me. My skin stings from the friction of the ropes. You raise me about waist high and tie the rope off. I realize at this moment just how helpless I am. Naked, suspended from the ceiling and all 4 limbs restrained. And a stranger who appears to enjoy being in control. Without notice you grab the chain connected to my collar. Pull my head back and attach the chain to something, locking my head in place. Then push me away from the bed to the middle of the room, just the floor below me.

As you stand in front of me you glance to the floor below me and I see a pleased smile come across your face. You have started a puddle on my floor. Are you enjoying yourself so far? Yes Sir I answer. And I was. I can't see what puddle you are talking about, but as I feel my juices slide down my throbbing clit, I realize I am so wet that I am literally dripping my juices under me. 

I close my eyes for a moment, taking in what I am. Here in this cabin. It feels familiar, even though I have never had an experience like this before. At that moment I release myself to you. I clear my mind, let my body hang and look into your eyes, looking for direction. You take a step back and slide your hand down your pants. I see you rubbing yourself as you stare at me naked, hanging in front of you, ready for your use. My mouth starts to salivate as I try to picture what is contained in your jeans. 

I swear to god you are reading my mind because as I start to imagine what your hard cock looks and tastes like, you drop your jeans, grab the back of my head at perfect height and force your hard cock into my mouth and right to the back of my throat. You groan and I throb as I taste your salty sweat with my tongue. You grab both sides of my head, slide yourself out of my mouth lean down and whisper good girl in my ear. Why do those words make me feel proud? Why do I want to hear them again? 

You stand beside me... Run your fingers down my back to my ass. You slap me hard. You have a gorgeous ass my beautiful slut. Who's ass is it now? Yours Sir. Very good. You grab my ass cheek and squeeze it so hard your nails dig into my skin as you walk around to the back of me and pull my ankle chains, spreading my legs as far apart as possible. You place a chair in between my legs and sit down. I can feel your breath on my pussy as I feel your fingers spread open my lips. Your are inspecting me. Your new property. You look absolutely yummy baby girl. I am going to enjoy making you tremble. 

It is silent. I feel your presence, your eyes and an unfamiliar swelling inside me as your being captivates me entirely. My body shakes slightly as I feel you slide your finger inside me. Then a yearning as you slide it back out. I quiver as you circle my clit. An unfamiliar burning erupts deep in my soul. I feel the ropes burning my skin, my neck aches in its position. Yet I don't feel in pain. I feel in love, body entwined with the most exquisite combination of pleasure and pain. Then slap! As your hand makes sharp contact with my throbbing clitoris. I rock in my chains from the force of your slap, the sting travels through. As the pain slips into a rush of pleasure you grab my ass cheeks, squeeze them in your hands and spread them as I hear an "mmmmm" exit your mouth. 

At that moment I realize this is only the beginning. 

You stand up and slowly circle me. I think you are admiring your possession. I see the gears turning in your head as you pass in front of me. You bend down so your face is at my level and kiss me with the most passionate lips I have ever felt. I know then that I was meant to come across this cabin in the woods. What I have yearned for my whole life, what I didn't know would set me free in now right in front of me. As you pull your lips from mine I immediately need more. But you don't indulge me. You stand, leaving my mouth watering for more.

I hang naked in wait and anticipation. Mind filled with nothing but wanting to please you now. To be what you want, what you need... To be your desire as well. The need to hear you say good girl. 

My thoughts are interrupted by the pinching if my nipples as you attach two clamps to me that are attached to thin chains which you hold in your hands. You pull the two chains, making me wince. As you hear my wimpers you kneel behind me and find my throbbing clit with your tongue. As I stop whimpering and replace it with heavy breathing you pull your tongue away and pull on the clamp chains again. My body filled with a mixture of pleasure and pain so unknown but astonishingly so welcome. As you pull my chains back one more time and hold them, tight, you stand, grab my hair pulling my head back further I feel your hard cock enter me. But just your head. I am frozen. Keep going I am thinking in my head. Fill me! I want to scream. What instead come out is a loud groan. mmmmm I hear from behind me as you slide yourself a litter further in. My mouth opens. My body flexes, my nipples throb. I want more. Who are you? You ask. I am yours. I manage to whisper, my vocal cords going silent, nothing in my mind but you. I am your slut, I am your sex toy, you own me Sir. Good girl i hear as you pull harder in my hair, yank tighter my chains and push yourself deeper inside me than I have ever felt. I scream with pleasure as you let go of my chains and grab my hip instead. You pull we roughly into you using my hair and my hip. I am going to enjoy my little slut you growl. Your other hand finds my other hip and like a swing you push and pull me hard into your cock. When you hear my breathing so hard that you anticipate I am going to cum you stop, pull yourself from me and say, not yet baby girl. I am not done playing yet. 

My clitoris is burning and erect, my whole body on fire filled with the desire of release. My pussy open ready and in need of you. 

You be a good slut and you will get what you need you state as you slap my ass so hard that you leave a hand mark on my cheek. You have a tight little ass my dear, I am going to enjoy working you in. You spread my ass cheeks, spit on my hole and slowly circle my ass hole with your thumb. My hole flexes involuntarily as I feel your touch. Soft at first, the a little harder. As I slowly open for you I feel the tip of your thumb enter my ass. I groan and you push it in further until your whole thumb is completely inside me. You push your hard cock into me again this time rocking me, pushing and pulling me into you using your thumb still in my ass. Do not cum until I say so! You demand. 

You spend the next little while fucking each of my holes. Hard. Using my hanging body for your own personal pleasure. Your groans get louder. Your instructions more stern.  My back stings from the whips you have used on me and I feel the welted hand marks in my ass cheeks. My body aching for release. 

As I can't control my urge to cum I begin to cry and beg you for release. You appear to enjoy the begging. I could tell as your body stiffened and your rhythm increased. Accompanied by the sexiest groan I have ever heard. Ok my good slut. I will give my beautiful sexy toy some relief. 

You move me back over the bed and drop the ceiling chains as I fall down face first in the bed. Before I know it you are behind me, palm open pushing my head into the bed. I feel you enter me one last time and whisper, cum now for me my previous slut. You slip your other hand under me and find my clitoris. Give me a few hard pinches before you start once again fucking me hard and with intent. Your palm comes off my head. Instead you grab the back of my hair and pull my head back. Ahhhh. I groan in absolute pleasure as you bring me to the height of orgasm. A level I have never felt before. What the fuck is going on I think in my head. With that I squirt all over your hard cock, convulsing slightly as I feel you let go inside me also. As we moan together I am in pure ecstasy. 

You roll off me, gather my body in your arms, pull me into you and you just hold me. I feel your warm breath in my skin. You are a very good girl, You whisper in my ear. I drift off to sleep wondering if this had all been a dream.... 


When I was a girl, inexperienced a raw

The thoughts I had would have some in awe

Not the normal girly wants of  babies husband or loves escape

But of harsh hands and violent rape

With thoughts of perversion I felt it was wrong

But my desires never wavered and they remained strong

So I travelled through life, of normalcy and boredom

I waited patiently in the dark for my sexual freedom

Thinking it more of a fantasy to which I would kneel

Than something that I could truly make real.

Then one day it came

I window of freedom i was able to gain

So I set out on a personal journey

To find a man that with his dominance, would surely hurt me

How obscure, insane, most people would say

Shes crazy and weird, to just bow down and lay

But they are naive and don't understand

This burning desire to feel a hard hand.

As I started my journey, many men offered to help

They'd all certainly love to hear me yelp

But something was missing from these little boy scouts

I realized, thats not all its about

Not till I met the man that I lovingly call Sir

He brought something out in me that no other was able to stir

He's more than fantasy, than a dominant, more than just a man

He the one I have been waiting for, he mixes up my insides like  no one else can

All I desire is to see pleasure in his face 

To ensure he realizes that I know my place

To be his for his wants, whatever they be

For he knows what I need and still lets me be me

So much more to this desire, he strives to nudge me to my limits

For now just in thought, in desires and tidbits

But soon i do hope, more than in just my head

Soon is my yearn to see my limits in bed.


The pretty pink ball gag and her hair remind me of a sexy picture a muse sent my one day via Skype.  I complimented her on it, and soon we were video chatting.  I asked her if her pretty gag was near by?  She shyly asked, "Would you like me to put it back in?"

The scene did not last long, but the beauty of her face as she put in the gag - taking away her own speech - was...powerful.  I couldn't sleep that night, and wrote a story for her, just about that scene.

The Nose Pinch

Just a little teaser for my new readers to introduce my writing.  Most of my stories are much longer...


She was a submissive, and had been trading messages with Him for a little while, mostly to relieve the boredom of work.  Then the message had come in one morning.

"Saw your repost of the girl being held down, the guy with his hand over her mouth and nose - very hot!

Can you imagine doing this as Sir watches you, holding your mouth shut?  He waits until you get close, then squeezes his thumb down on your nose, restricting the amount of air you can take with each breath. He whispers, "You have a minute until I squeeze your nose the rest of the way.  Either cum, or pass out....."

Your fingers speed up, your breath whistles with each intake.  You moan against his hand.  You press your clit hard, forcing it against your public bone.  You are close when he whispers, "Time's up!" and his strong fingers pinch off your nose...."

Her nipples get hard as she reads his post.  With shaky hands, she replies:


"Holy crap!!!

I want my Sir to do that... To feel His hot breath on my neck and face as tells me to cum for Him...

His strong hands, His powerful voice - even in a whisper... 

I'm pressing my thighs together, circling my hips in my seat.  My pussy lips overlapping each other, my wetness between them feel like tiny bubbles popping against my skin, but magnified.... Reading this over and over :)

He gets the reply, and smiles.  His guess was correct, she IS into breath play, or at least curious.  Pushing his luck, he responds back:

...she reads to the end of the snippet again. "Time's up!"

Her thighs clenched, hips rocking in that age old dance, wetness increasing, her heat also.

"Time's up!"

She closes her eyes, imagining herself laid back in his strong arms pinning back an arm, immobilizing her.  

"Time's up!"

She can almost hear Sir's voice.  It's not loud, it's not mean, but experience has taught her, he means business!

Opening her eyes, she quickly takes in her surroundings.  She doesn't want to get caught, but the images - the feelings have her soaked.

She slips her fingers under her panties - so hot.

She starts rubbing quickly - needing more heat to put out this fire.

She is right there.  She closes her eyes again. 

"Time's up!"

Her other hand reaches up, covers her mouth and nose just like he would.

Her fingers become a blur, trying to crest before her air is exhausted.

The hand over her mouth holds in the gasps and moans as she builds, builds.

Flashes of imaginary light dance behind her eyelids as her body demands another breath, but her fingers remain pinched over her nose.

Her diaphragm tries to pull in fresh air, adding to the body motions of her churning hips.  Her chair squeaks as she pushes herself over the edge.

Her fingers relax and she takes that first, blessed breath.

Her body slowly unclenches, her pounding heart slows.

She stares unseeing at the wall.

So powerful, so hot.

But inherently not fully satisfying.

The little voice inside her head whispers, "You would have let go to take a breath."

"...But he wouldn't."

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Hello Kinky people.  I do enjoy reposting erotic photos, but my real passion is writing Erotica.  As I am not willing to grant bdsmlr the right to use my stories for ever and ever, I have them posted on my tumblr index page.


I hope you take the time to find the real gems of my site.